First Look at the Formovie THEATER UST Laser TV

The next Laser TV we cover comes from an interesting upstart brand that has entered the laser TV market with a bang: Formovie. The relatively young company seems entirely dedicated to the fast-growing laser TV market. While many may not recognize the name Formovie, there are two well-established electronics corporations backing the startup – Xi and Appotronics. Additionally, Formovie is currently the second most popular brand in the more mature Chinese laser TV market.

The Formovie THEATER has a throw ratio of just 0.23, so you can project 100″ from just 9′ away. The max projection size is a massive 150″.

Formovie has one flagship laser TV product that has been getting a lot of attention lately, called the THEATER. That’s right, the full product name is “Formovie THEATER.” Despite this silly naming convention, the product has been receiving high praise from respected industry reviewers. On paper, the specs are similar to some other high-end UST models (like the HiSense LG9, and PX1 laser TVs that we reviewed): Triple Laser, 4K UHD, 2800 Lumens, 150″ max screen size, Throw ratio of 0.23, Dolby Vision Atmos, and sound by Bowers and Wilkins. We’ve seen higher lumen counts around 3000 (2800 should be plenty for even daylight viewing), but not at this scale of 150″. However, many personal and professional accounts have recently come out saying the viewing experience surpasses all expectations. Have you personally experience the Formovie THEATER? Tell us about your personal experiences in the comments below.

The Formovie THEATER has robust specs that can compete with any top-of-the line UST Laser TVs.

Formovie has two additional products in the portable streaming market. The first is a portable streaming projector call the Dice. The Dice is comparable to other portable streaming devices on the market. It’s nearly identical, for example, to the Wemax Dice in both form factor and specs. With even the same shared name, one could assume these are the same device with separate branding. In any case, the Formovie Dice comes with an impressive 700 Lumens, 4-point Keystone correction, 40-200-inch projection size, and 1600 mAh battery (enough to power two full standard-length movies). With a sleek, compact form and attached leather carrying handle, this device could make for really fun one-off movie experiences outdoors or on-the-go.

With the compact and portable form factor, the Formovie Dice makes for some really fun viewing outdoors or on-the-move.

Last on the Formovie product list, is the ultra compact Formovie Pocket Laser Projector. Formovie advertises this “Pocket Laser Projector” as the thinnest “ALDP Smart Laser Projector.” With this super-sleek product, Formovie has managed to fit an impressive 800 Lumens, a viewing projection of 100 inches, and even built in speakers into a form factor about the size of a portable hard drive.

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